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Qt released

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Since the saying "The release is not out until you blog about it" is still in effect, I have the pleasure of announcing that Qt 4.4.1 has been released.

Here's the download button:

Download Qt

The 4.4.1 release is a patch-level release, meaning it's a bug-fix release on top of Qt 4.4.0, maintaining both forward and backwards compatibility. It's a drop-in replacement for Qt 4.4.0 and shouldn't cause you any problems.

The full changelog can be found on our website.

This release happened about a month later than I had originally planned to. We postponed it until we could make sure that 4.4.1 is better than 4.4.0. Also, we can find explanations relating to Summer in Norway:

  • Key people leaving for vacations
  • Scheduled power supply cuts
  • Air conditioning machines being turned off in our building
  • Temperatures in Norway being quite high this year (often reaching 30°C)

And you thought that Winter in Norway was a problem...

KDE 4.1 released

Of course, I couldn't let it pass that KDE 4.1 has been released, dedicated to KDE long-time contributor Uwe Thiem. Uwe had been doing a great job spreading Open Source and Free Software in Africa (Namibia to be precise). And many would say that's where it's needed the most.

KDE 4.1

In any case, KDE 4 has come a long way since the 4.0 release back in January. Back then, applications were great; the desktop was shiny and new, but limited. Many things I was used to simply didn't work. Even for a long-time KDE contributor such as myself, it was hard to let the good, old KDE 3.5 go. But ever since KDE 2.2, I've always used the bleeding edge version. If using it back then wasn't a problem, today is should be even less.

But that's old history! Six months have passed!

KDE 4.1 is a lot better today. Many of the things that people complained about in Plasma have been fixed. And, of course, the applications that were already great got even better. Everyone deserves a praise for their work, however minor their contributions might have been. (I submitted only a few crash fixes)

Sure, it's not perfect -- nothing is. However, given the pace of development, I'm sure those things will get sorted out quite soon.

We're going to Akademy

Yes, the Trolls/Nokians will be going to Akademy 2008.

Going to Akademy 2008

The following developing Trolls will be coming: Andreas Aardal Hanssen, Daniel Molkentin, Daniel Teske, Harald Fernengel, Jesper Thomschütz, Kent Hansen, Lars Knoll, Marius Bugge Monsen, Matthias Ettrich, Olivier Goffart, Oswald Buddenhagen, Simon Hausmann, Thomas Cooksey, Thomas Zander, and I. Most of those had to learn how to use the new Nokia Travel Planner in the last week.

Besides those, there will be other Nokians coming from all parts of the globe. I know of people coming from Finland and from Brazil.

Hope to see you in Belgium!

And for those who can't come to Akademy, save the date:
Qt Developer Days 2008
MUNICH, Germany: October 14th – 15th
REDWOOD CITY, California: October 29th – 30th

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