In the flow

Sometimes when you think you're on to something, and you end up in the flow, so bad, that it overshadows everything you're doing. Ariya and I were working on optimizations in Graphics View and stumbled over an optimization for clipping that made a certain benchmark run 40 - forty - times faster. The patch has no known side effects, comes perfectly for free, and even opens up a couple of more optimizations we can do.

I couldn't think of anything else on the way home from work. When I came home, I ate dinner, and immediately ran over to my home desktop, installed Git, and tried to find some way to continue where I left off.

It's a wonderful feeling. If this patch really works this well, it'll make it into Qt upstream, for everybody's benefit. Mix that together with a lot of other optimization work that we've done, and hopefully things will truly fly.

I, for one, am looking forward to Qt 4.5 :-).

I'm going to aKademy

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