WebKit on Windows CE

I want to introduce a feature that we've been asked for over and over: QtWebKit on Windows CE. Its still in the works but already in a quite usable state. Eventually its possible to create your own applications with web browsing capabilities on your favourite Windows CE device!

To give QtWebKit for Windows CE a whirl, you can fetch the current source from the QtWebKit git repository. So make sure that you have the following software installed:

  • Qt for Windows CE
  • Git for getting the source
  • Perl for calling the build script

First of all, download the source code:

git clone git://
git checkout -b wince origin/joerg/wince-master

You now should have a local branch called wince, which is based on the remote Windows CE branch. Then you must set up your environment to build Qt for Windows CE applications.
This could look like this:

call vsvars32
set QTDIR=c:Qt4.4.1
set PATH=%QTDIR%bin;%PATH%
setcepaths wince-mymakespec

Go into your WebKit directory and call the build script:

perl WebKitToolsScriptsbuild-webkit

If everything goes well, you will find in WebKitBuildReleasebin a QtWebKit4.dll and QtLauncher.exe. Deploy these files to your device (with the Qt binaries including network and image plugins), run it and browse the web!

For Windows CE 5 I strongly recommend to build a smaller Qt version, tailored to your needs. Remember that you only have 32 MB memory per process which is pretty soon filled if you're displaying web sites with many images or animations.

Try it, have fun and use the mailing list if you have questions or comments.

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