Over the past few months, many of us trolls have had the pleasure of meeting groups of enthusiastic Nokians. Everybody is excited about Qt. It feels a bit overwhealming sometimes, different people have different expectations as to what a small group of people can do. Excitement, expectations, concerns. Enthusiasm! But the whole progress is easier when you get to meet peers that are, yeah, quite allright people. That's what makes the whole job worth it for me. Set aside technical trouble and new procedures (which quite frankly aren't as scary as I first thought!). Who's doing what now and how will this work? Then someone comes over and shows you a layout they wrote. How they used scripting, widgets. Wrote plugins. Can you do this? Can you do that? Yeah, you know, you usually can.

So walking to work today, I found myself fumbling in my pocket, pulling out the Nokia-badge that we now all wear, and putting it on right when I went out of the subway station. It felt allright.