QGtkStyle now part of Qt

QGtkStyle made it's way into the Qt snapshots this week, meaning it will become part of the Qt 4.5 release. Technical users can already compile and use it on their own desktop, but once Qt 4.5 is out it will simply replace Cleanlooks as the default application style Qt uses on GNOME desktops. While I haven't blogged about it since the announcement back in May, a lot of fixes and improvements have gone into it since then and I'd like to thank everybody contributing bug reports, suggestions and patches to the project so far. Since the existing plugin based on Qt 4.4 seems rather popular and not everybody feel comfortable using an unstable version of Qt, I will continue to maintain it as a separate project and accept bug reports over at my google code page.

Clearlooks dialogglider theme

In other news, the nice folks over at the Qt4 Maemo garage have been adapting QGtkStyle to work nicely with the Maemo platform as was evidenced by lorn's post last month. Samuel also blogged about using Freetype for subpixel filtering which should eventually take care of any differences in font rendering between Qt and GTK.

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