Repeat after me: the release is not out until I blog about it

I said it before, and before. I hope you know the chant by now: Qt 4.4.2 is now released.

It's almost weird to release 4.4.2, for two reasons: first, we're so deep into Qt 4.5 work that it seems like the past when we go to 4.4 again. And second, because this release went smoothly, unlike 4.4.0 (really, really big release) and 4.4.1 (Summer got in the way).

I have to tell you, though: this is the last Qt release that Trolltech ASA will do...

...because the next one will be released by Nokia :-)

One week ago, an email was sent to all Trolltech ASA and Trolltech Inc. (commercial) clients giving them an update on the Nokia acquisition process. Among other things in legalese, it contained:

[...] Any existing agreements between you and Trolltech ASA will be assigned to Nokia Corporation under the same terms and conditions as are contained in the Agreements between you and Trolltech ASA. The assignment of all Agreements shall be effective September 27, 2008.

So, when we next release Qt, instead of seeing "Copyright (C) 1992-2008 Trolltech ASA", you'll see "Copyright (C) 1992-2008 Nokia Corporation"

That's about it. And you thought I was going to drop a bomb, didn't you? I mean, my last three blogs were rather bombastic... Sorry to disappoint you: we're not evil and nor will we let ourselves become evil. We continue to work just as we have always done and we will continue to release Qt, again just as we have done before.

And we reserve the right to change things for the better.

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