Qt cuter than before: 4.4.3

Less than two weeks after the last release, we publish a new release of Qt: 4.4.3 is out. The reason for this, I mentioned then: Qt is now copyright Nokia Corporation. So we make a new release with the new copyright.

But... we wouldn't waste your time with just legalese, would we?

No, we take this opportunity to launch our cool new website with our new brand:

Qt new logo

(which are are © 2008 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. Nokia, Qt and their respective logos are trademarks of Nokia Corporation in Finland and/or other countries worldwide.)

The 4.4.3 version of Qt comes with the new logos.

We also got a pinball machine installed. Well, kinda. You be the judge:


In other news, Qt has now switched to Git. Here are some pictures to prove:

Lars and Simon Sysadmins
Lars and Simon asking sysadmins to turn Perforce support off System administrators making Qt in Perforce read-only

Perforce has served us extremely well for 10 years. And it's still better than many other solutions out there (including Subversion). But as we grow, we need to improve our tools. And like I explained before, we feel Git matches our model better.

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