Qt Extended

Well, now. The news is out, I can finally talk openly about this. Qtopia has been renamed Qt Extended!

There are new logos in the gui formerly known as Qtopia. will be rebranded in the very near future, once the dust settles from the main web sites redesign.

Qt Software and Nokia are still committed to releasing Qt and Qt Extended under the GPL as open source, and will continue to do so. There will be an Openmoko Neo1973 and Freerunner SDK, as well as some really great devices in the future.

This all means that Qtopia^WQt Extended will use Qt! oh wait, it already does!

As a personal side note. I have now been working for Trolltech and been living in Australia for 5 years. There has been many changes in the organization and in Qt and Qtopia. Changes in my job from Qtopia Community Liasion to Software Engineer. There have also been great changes in my life as well. My 3 year old son has an Australian accent, but uses US English words such as 'wrench' not spanner (HA! much to the chagrin of his granddad) and to the dismay of his mother, 'mom'.

Changes are a part of life and what make it exciting. The Open Source community has nothing to fear by this name change, or by Nokia buying Trolltech.

What is means is this: Qt Everywhere! Long live Qt! (Still pronounced as 'kute')

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