Pimp My Widgets Developer Contest

Hey, you there!

I've seen you coming around here, scoffing at some of them ugly user interfaces. I can tell by the way you carry yourself that you are into making your stuff stand out. Adding extra style, animation, zazz and bling to everything you touch.

Pleased to meet ya, they call me the Widget Pimp. I've got an offer to have you rollin' large in one of them Segways!

Ye-eah that’s right. All you gotta do for you chance to be rollin' in a Segway is enter the Pimp My Widgets developer contest. Here’s how it works:

Go to http://trolltech.com/pimpmywidgets
Download those nasty widgets, or forget 'em and start from scratch
Fire up Qt.
And pimp those widgets!

Submit a 30 second video response showin’ me your mad pimped widgets, then go to our website to submit your code.

Besides the top prize of the Segway i2 Personal Transporter. There's three Nokia N810 Internet Tablets for crazy hackin' and increasing your tech-cred. Also, for those who want to step out and be seen, there's 100 (one-zero-zero) limited edition "Pimp My Widgets" t-shirts.

The contest closes on December 31st, so get pimpin!

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