We’re porting Qt to S60!

April this year we started a new project here in Oslo called "Qt for S60" and I've been wanting to blog about it ever since. Now I finally can! Basically we're porting Qt to yet another platform: S60, which roughly gives us around 80 million new devices Qt can run on. Our vision of Qt Everywhere is becoming more and more of a reality. And it feels good.

Let's get to the important stuff. Click here to:

About the tech-preview and the demos

The Qt for S60 pre-release packages comes in two license flavours, either download the opensource (GPL2 or GPL3) package or the preview-commercial package. Content wise there is no real difference between them. However, the opensource package contains pre-compiled binaries which the preview commercial package does not. The reason for this is that the compiler (GCCE) opensource developers have access too, at the moment, cannot build Qt libraries. RVCT however can - but you most likely don't have access to that one as it's not freely available. So basically, for the opensource package you'll be building Qt applications with GCCE, but linking with RVCT built Qt libraries we provide for you. For the preview-commercial package we assume you've got access to RVCT, and we let you do all the stuff yourself. I'm sure we'll sort out the GCCE issue for the next tech-preview.

The Qt modules available in this package are:

We support S60 3.1 and higher, even the 5.0 stuff that was just released :) Btw. if you try to install the demo above on your phone, and you've got a 3.1 device, you have to install Pips/Open C as well for it to work. We've got a package conveniently here for you.


Our policy here in Qt Software is: release often, release early. We want feedback from developers trying out our software. Now keep in mind, this first relase is a technology preview. It is not supported, it is not complete, it is not production quality - basically it's for you to play with. We have set up a special mailinglist for feedback on the S60 port. The address of the mailinglist is:


please join if you want to provide technical feedback, bug reports, suggestions or comments. In order to join the mailing list send a mail to:


with the subject set to: subscribe. In order to leave the list send a mail with the subject set to: unsubscribe. This will be an open list so make sure not to share sensitive information.

Let the hacking begin

We're at the Symbian Smartphone show in London this week answering questions and showing of Qt on some phones. Drop by if you're in the area :) But even more important, start making cool and crazy apps for your phones! I'm sure a lot of you already have an S60 bouncing around in your pockets, and it's just waiting to be played with.

We also just announced the Pimp my widgets! contest, why not do a double-combo and try out Qt for S60 pimpin style ;)

Anyways, (sorry for the long blog) here is a picture of Qt running on all the S60 devices I got my hands on - just showing you I'm not lying.

Qt on lots of S60 devices - can you name them all?
Qt on lots of S60 devices - can you name them all?

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