Qt Software Support Needs You!

You may have heard that Qt Software is looking for Software Engineers to work in Qt Support. The description given is fairly standard support job description and may even be putting you off applying. Hopefully after reading this you'll change your mind :) I've been working in Qt Support for 8 years now, and I have enjoyed every day of it and still do.

On a daily basis in Qt Support we communicate with C++ developers who are working on their own commercial projects and also with open source developers. In the past I have satisfaction helped people working at Google and Adobe, as well as people working on KDE. There is always a good deal of satisfaction to be had when you recognize the company or even the developers that you are communicating with and you realize you are helping *them*! And by helping them you are in an albeit indirect way contributing to something like Google Earth and Adode Photoshop Album, not to mention the countless devices that are out there now using Qt.

Each day brings new exciting challenges for me, I am always pushing my own knowledge of Qt further, its not all just answering questions like how do I change the background color of a QPushButton (although we do get asked that occasionally :). There are times where I get to learn something new about Qt when I am trying to help someone or trying to reproduce a bug reported to Qt Support. Over the years I've played about with SQL databases, different network protocols, among other things and at the same time I am helping to solve a problem or aiding the Qt developers in pinpointing a bug that they can fix later.

Also, you get to work with one of the best support teams in the world (ok I'm biased, but I am sure there are plenty of people who will back me up here ;), we have a good relationship with each other, helping each other out when needed. The same applies with the development team, when we need specialist help then we know we can just wander down the corridor, knock on a door and get the help that we need.

And in Qt Support, its not all just sitting at a desk answering e-mails, writing code and feeling good about the responses that you are giving out. There is the opportunity to work on examples, documentation and even contribute to Qt directly or indirectly. We get to look at the new version of Qt and get to experiment with the new features and also give feedback on them directly to the developers who are working on those features. Since we are working with the people that use Qt directly we have a unique perspective on how Qt is used in the real world and can give our own take on the new features and the API to use them.

There is also the non-work related benefits to working in Qt Software, while I won't bore you with details on the pension scheme, the heavily subsided lunches and drinks which I am sure has been mentioned numerous times. There is a kicker table, Wii machine and ping-pong table where you will occasionally find us in our breaks away from the computer. Also, every couple of months the support team will get together and have a team-building where we hang out and do something as a group and then have a meal after. There is also the Qt Software Christmas party and annual cabin trip with the technical department too, so there is plenty of chances to socialize with your colleagues.

There you have it, working in Qt Support is very rewarding in a number of ways, job satisfaction you get when helping others, for your own personal learning in C++ and Qt, plus the great environment that you get to work in each day. So what are you waiting for?! Dust off that CV and apply for a job in Qt Support? Who knows, maybe we'll be seeing you soon :)

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