XML to QObjects: QXmlToQObjectCreator

Thank you, to all who attended Dev Days 2008 in Munich. For me it was really great to talk to so many users and hear about all the baffling projects that people pull off with Qt. And of course, to hear how people use and what people need, in terms of Qt’s XML support.

One customer told about how sub-classes of QObject are used for representing data, and are converted to such from XML. So, why not add a little helper class to Qt for this?

The class, which currently only is a research idea and missed the feature freeze for Qt 4.5, is called QXmlToQObjectCreator, and hopefully the documentation explains it all:

QXmlToQObjectCreator API Documentation

In other words, it’s a very simple class that builds a QObject tree corresponding to the output of QXmlQuery. The current sketched code is pasted here, for those interested.

In what way can this class be made more useful?


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