Qt Creator tech preview released!

When I started at Trolltech about two years ago, I never imaged that I would end up writing a C++ IDE. I mean, I knew that I would develop Qt tools, since that is one of the two main development areas done in Berlin (the other one is Qt/WinCE), but that meant things like Designer, Assistant, Linguist or the VS/Eclipse integrations at the time.

On the other hand, an IDE could well be called the top of all development tools, so all in all it's a logic consequence :)

Enough of philosophy. "Grau ist alle theorie", so let's have some facts (also see the Qt Creator landing page):

It's cross-platform. Hell, if it wasn't, we couldn't use it ourselves!

Slim and fast. One of the questions leading to QtCreator was "What does a text editor need to become an IDE?" Well, you don't want your text editor to take a minute to come up :) .

Doesn't invent yet another build system. Instead it's directly working on pro-files. It's open for extension with other build systems as well.

Talking about editors, QtCreator has a very powerful C++ editor:
Incremental search highlighting all occurrences.

Incremental Search

Code completion and of course Syntax highlighting, Auto-indentation, (Un-)Commenting code, Code folding, Bookmarks, ...


Inline error markers while you type warning you of many common mistakes that otherwise lead to compile errors. (Ever thought "ow, man, another edit-compile cycle just because I forgot that !*&#%$ semicolon"?)

Inline Warning

Inline Error

Quick Navigation between your files, switch between header and source file, jump to symbol definitions under your cursor, jump to named symbols from your project and all referenced projects.

QuickOpen File

QuickOpen Symbol

Debugger frontend that let's you easily set breakpoints, step through your code, and examine variables, showing you common Qt types in a friendly way (QLists, QVariants, QFiles, QMaps, ...). Currently supporting gdb.


Context help for the symbol under the cursor, right beside your code, integrating Assistant/QtHelpSystem in the most comfortable way.

Integrated Help

And lots of other things I forgot to mention here!

These are the people who created QtCreator
Check it out on the Qt Creator landing page,
and have a look at our introduction videos:

Qt Creator - 01 An Introduction

Qt Creator - 02 My first creation

Qt Creator - 03 Smart Code Completion

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