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Qt Animation Framework

Published on Wednesday November 05, 2008 by Alexis Menard in Graphics Labs Qt Kinetic KDE | Comments

How do you animate a widget in Qt 4? Let's start with a bit of history....

- Qt 4.0 : QTimer provides a low level timer.
- Qt 4.2 : QTimeLine provides a duration, looping, easing and basic states
- Qt 4.2 : QGraphicsItemAnimation which is built on top of QTimeLine.

We realized that these classes were not convenient enough for doing highly animated user interfaces, so we decided to write yet another world dominating framework for animating widgets :-). After a lot of research, prototyping, API discussions and rewrites we have finally something that will dominate the world.

Initially it was our intention to release the animation framework for 4.5. Unfortunately we felt it was not ready for 4.5, so we decided to postpone it in order to give it some more love. We feel that we are getting closer now, but as a service to people that have been waiting for this we have decided to release it as a Qt Solution. We also have a secret, scrupulous plan B with this: we want you guys to give feedback ( on it so we can improve it even more :-). It is available under the normal Qt Solution conditions, either commercial or GPL.

For you gaming enthusiasts we have made a full blown world dominating game:

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