Only 34 Pimpin’ Days Left

Ho, Ho, Ho! It's December and the Widget Pimp is back with a gentle and subtle reminder. Did you realize that today there are only 27 shopping days left until Christmas Eve? More importantly that's only 34 Pimping Days left until the end of Qt Software's Pimp my Widget Contest. That's right, you only have until December 31st to submit your entries. I ain't giving extensions!

Now I know some of you didn't make the “nice” part of someone's “naughty or nice” list, but the prizes that come from winning the Pimp My Widget contest is, without overstating it, like winning ten World Cups in all sports combined! Let's look at the prizes again:

  • A Segway i2 Personal Transporter—No better way to cruise in 2009
  • 3 Nokia N810 Tablets—Fresh from the trunk of my car
  • 100 Custom-Made, Limited-Edition Deluxe "Pimp My Widgets" T-Shirts—To keep you warm during that cold old winter

Feel free to check the website for more details and all that legal mumbo-jumbo that I can't bother to say here.

Just remember the deadline December 31st, so get pimping!

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