Cross-Platform mail reading

For some reason, I like using bleeding edge mail clients. The frequent crashes keep me productive (no "new mail arrived" popups to interrupt my work) as well as my co-workers (no mail with more than 20 words from me).

With the latest improvements, KMail became an even better mail client. Digging through company mail became almost pleasant. Time to fiddle around with it:

KMail using WebKit on OS X

This screen shot shows KMail on Mac OS X, using WebKit instead of KHTML to render the mails. Why, do you ask? Heat up a flame war? No, just to give a choice. I prefer KHTML on Linux, but WebKit on OS X, since it's significantly easier to build due to fewer dependencies (I have neither fink nor mac ports installed, so every external lib is a bit of a hassle).

So here I go again, the patch is ugly enough to ensure instability. Time to go back to work.

Disclaimer: Don't apply the patch, really, don't, unless you are a developer who dislikes mail. It doesn't block external images yet, so regardless of your KMail settings, you'll inform every spammer on opening a spam mail. That is, if you're able to open a mail at all, of course.

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