Time for another Qt for S60 pre-release

As some of you might know (see earlier post) we are porting Qt for S60 3.1 and later versions, and we've just finished our next pre-release called "Temple". The release in short contains three more Qt modules and improvements to the ones already ported.

Go here to get the package!

In detail this is what you get:

New ported modules are:

  • QtScript: Provides classes for making Qt applications scriptable
  • QtSvg: Provides classes for displaying SVG images
  • QtXml: C++ implementations of SAX and DOM

Changes to existing modules are:

  • QtCore
  • added QSharedMemory support
  • added QSystemSemaphore support
  • QtGui
  • added mouse move/drag events support
  • modifed QFileDialog to fit small screens
  • Improved font support
  • QtNetwork
  • added SSL support
  • qmake
  • fixed bld.inf/mmp generation when not under Qt source tree
  • EPOCROOT environment variable is no longer required
  • Added no_icon CONFIG keyword to suppress icon generation
  • Generated pkg files no longer include Qt libraries directly
  • Added support for generic mmp rules via the MMP_RULES variable
  • Added support for STDEXE, STDDLL and STDLIB target types
  • Subdirs template no longer requires using -r switch with qmake
  • SYSTEMINCLUDE statements are no longer sorted in mmp files

Getting help and providing feedback

Now, pre-releases are not supported, but we still want your feedback. We have set up a special mailing list for feedback on the S60 port:


This list is read by the developers working on the port, so please join if you want to provide technical feedback, bug reports or suggestions to us directly. In order to join the mailing list send a mail to:


There is also a Nokia Forum available here.

Whats next?

The next pre-release called "Garden" (which have been developed in parallel with "Temple") is when things really start to get interesting. Some of the things we hope to achieve there are:

  • Deep integration with S60 (menus, dialogs, input methods)
  • S60 look and feel (style etc.)
  • Proper font implementation
  • Move to Qt 4.5

We'll keep you posted. See you on the flip side :D