Qt Creator beta released!

This release marks an important milestone between the alpha release and the road to 1.0. Not just because of all the new features we added since the alpha and the many bugs we fixed, but mainly because Qt Creator is now released as free software. Additionally, from now on we'll be doing development completely in the open. This will allow other developers to not only compile Qt Creator themselves, but also to have full access to all the changes we're making as well as being able to feed changes back in.

The feedback on the alpha release and subsequent daily snapshots releases has been very positive, and also very helpful. We hope that opening up the development of Qt Creator will allow communication with outside developers to become even better.

One of my favourite new features in the beta is the navigation history (Alt+Left and Alt+Right), which in combination with the existing 'follow symbol under cursor' (F2) allows you to really navigate your code efficiently. In addition, F2 has been enhanced to also jump to macro definitions and include files. Another nice thing about the beta is that configuring the different kinds of text editors has been made easier by applying the same settings to all of them. However, because this is still a beta as well as being built against the development version of Qt 4.5, there are some known issues. On some Linux window managers for example, Qt Creator won't redraw itself after being unminimized. If you hit this problem, just resize the window to make it draw itself, or try a more recent Qt Creator snapshot of course.

If you want to compile Qt Creator yourself or even start hacking on it, clone the git repository on labs. Note that you will need a recent version of Qt 4.5 to compile it. One way to get this is via the git snapshots.

If you want to contribute to Qt Creator, don't forget to read the doc/coding-style.qdoc document in the repository. It not only describes our coding style but also explains how to go about submitting patches. Note that none of the exposed interfaces are set in stone. Stabilizing and documenting those interfaces is still an ongoing process.

So what are you still waiting for? Go try Qt Creator beta for yourself! :-)

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