Qt 4.6.0 Beta 1

It was announced at Qt Developer Days in Munich yesterday, but as a long standing Qt tradition states: "The release isn't out until the Release Manager blogs about it." So, here it is: Qt 4.6.0 Beta 1 is now ofiicially available.

This release improves on the Tech Prevew 1 release by adding a large number of fixes for bugs and documentation issues, and by finalizing the Gestures API.

The Beta release is available as a source package (there's just one type of source package now, with .tar.gz and .zip versions that have identical contents), and as pre-built binary packages for Windows, Mac OSX (Carbon and Cocoa), and making its debut with this release, Symbian.

You can get the packages from the Qt website here, or from our ftp site. You can also find the latest documentation at

As with the Tech Preview, we would like constructive feedback on this Beta from the community of users and developers. if you find a bug, you can submit a fix or an autotest that demonstrates the bug via the public qt repository on Alternatively, if you have any bug reports or suggestions, whether they relate to the code, the documentation, or something else Qt-related, just follow the instructions for submitting feedback.

In conjuction with this Beta release, we are launching The Qt Blog, a new site that will include product and roadmap information, details on Qt usage, and other topics that interest the Qt community. The Qt Blog is available now at

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