Qt Creator 1.3.0 beta released

Autumn has finally arrived, it can be clearly felt everywhere in Berlin. Less daylight, more clouds, longer nights - but to keep your mind on the bright things of life, I bring you the good news that we've released the beta preview of the upcoming next release of Qt Creator :)

If you have followed this blog, then you already heard of many of the upcoming changes and improvements. I want to mention some of greater impact here:

Renaming symbols, global and local, and finding usages of symbols. Local symbols are renamed inline while typing, for other symbols a list of changes is shown for review before doing any renaming.
Be sure to use the high quality button and make the video full screen when viewing it.

Experimental support for development of Qt applications targeting the Symbian platform. This means that building and running applications against a Symbian/S60 device should work in general, but that the whole experience is not what we expect from a polished product. Have a look at the respective part of the Qt Creator documentation for prerequisites and explanations.

Details for running Qt for Symbian application


  • Completion of include directives
  • Color schemes for the text editor
  • Brace, parenthesis, bracket and quote matching
  • Locator filter for symbols in current document ". typeyourlocalsymbolhere"
  • Integrated jom for multicore compiling projects with MSVC tool chain
  • Lots and lots and lots of improvements and fixes!

Check out a more complete list in the changes file.

Qt Creator 1.3.0 beta landing page.

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