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Update on the jumping Norwegian guy and the Qt Web Runtime project

Last week in Barcelona, we demonstrated Qt for web developers in the form of a jumping Norwegian guy. As promised, we've made the source code for the HTML5 demo now available in Gitorious in the Graphics Dojo project.

You can use the Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview to build it, run it on the simulator, and to test it on your device, with the Qt 4.7, Qt WebKit and Qt Mobility 1.1 libraries that are provided with the technology preview. So far we've tested this on Symbian^3 only, so some of the demos may not yet work as expected on other platforms or screen resolutions.

One thing we showed in Barcelona but didn't show in the video is the new Qt Creator project wizard for HTML5 apps. Alessandro from our Berlin team has recently pushed the initial commits of a new project wizard in Qt Creator for WebKit based projects. It's now just a simple "Hello world" app that shows how to get your web code deployed on a device, and might still use Qt WebKit in a funky way - we're working on it. As a matter of fact, the HTML5 Application Wizard is already in place in creator/master. Find it under:

New File or Project->Projects->Other Project->Html5 Application

The project wizard takes the source code from share/qtcreator/templates/html5app and uses it as a template for the generated project. The HTML5 Application wizard follows the same scheme as the Qt Quick Application wizard which is already in Qt Creator 2.1.

One of the benefits of this hybrid approach is that your apps won't be restricted by the web standards. If Qt WebKit doesn't yet have the feature you need,  you can use the hybrid bridge and extend Qt WebKit with your custom functionality. No'am covered several examples in his blog posting at Qt labs.

In the light of these developments, we've decided to close the Qt Web Runtime labs project, and remove it from our public roadmap. In the Qt offering, we'll focus our efforts on the hybrid approach.

Finally, several people have asked how to learn more about Qt's WebKit integration. So here are a couple of pointers to Qt Dev Days 2010 presentations about Qt WebKit, given by the creators of Qt WebKit!

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