Bringing Qt applications to Android - a quickstart video

I am pretty sure you read about it... but in case you did not: An Alpha version of Necessitas (Qt for Android) has been released a week ago. With this release, it is now very easy to create, build, debug and deploy Qt applications for Android. All of that is the result of the incredible work by BogDan Vatra, the creator of Necessitas.

BogDan did not only create a Qt port, but also a complete Qt Creator integration for Android, as well as an all-in-one Necessitas installer. And as cherry on top, BogDan implemented Ministro, a deployment service which makes sure that the right Qt libraries are present on the end users' device and your application does just run.
He did all of that in his spare time, driven by his passion for Qt, Android and FOSS. He does neither work for Nokia nor for Google. This is a pure community effort.

How easy is it to get started? Too easy for words. Just have a look at the video, below.

If you want to try it out, first note that Necessitas currently supports only Linux. Also, you currently need to install Necessitas into /opt/necessitas. More information can be found in the Necessitas Wiki. If you encounter technical issues with Necessitas or just want to send the well deserved kudos to the team, just visit the android-qt Google Groups.

There is not much I can add but again thanking BogDan and contributers for this amazing community port!

Since this project is in alpha stage, and Qt 4.8 is not yet stable in any way, it is not encouraged to already publish your Qt apps to the Android market (you already could though, thanks to Ministro). If you want to get involved into this project, why not having a look at the Necessitas TODO list?

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