Qt Mobility 1.2 BETA Package Released

We are pleased to say that as a follow up to our previously released Qt Mobility 1.2 Technology preview, the team is now ready to provide our BETA package for your feedback and testing. This package implies that we consider the APIs to be reasonably matured and stable, but not yet frozen.

Work continues at full speed. We hope to polish and be in a position to freeze the APIs in the near future making them then ready for application development.

BETA Source packages:


MeeGo packages and installation guide:


  • Symbian:

Master branch and the latest RPM packages:

As always, If you wish to keep your finger on the pulse and check out an up to date status, please view the Qt Mobility master branch and download the RPM packages that we create from the master branch on a regular basis.

Source code:

MeeGo packages:

We hope you enjoy the BETA!

Kind regards,

Gerard, on behalf of the Qt Mobility team.

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