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最新版Qt 6.3已正式发布。 了解更多。
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Qt Creator 3.0 Released

We are happy to announce the Qt Creator 3.0 final release today, together with the Qt 5.2 final.

Aside from many improvements and new features, this new version of Qt Creator improves support for the various platforms. Android received support for the new deployment method available in Qt 5.2, which was described in more detail in a separate blog post. QNX/BlackBerry received support for the new 10.2 NDKs and improved device management. Completely new is experimental support for iOS, which allows you to code, build, deploy, run and debug your applications for both simulator and devices directly from Qt Creator. The plugin is turned off by default, but if you install Qt for iOS through one of the Qt 5.2 installers, it is automatically enabled for you in the Qt Creator that is installed as well. Also new is some experimental support for "bare metal" devices which only have a gdbserver/openocd compatible service running on them. Many thanks to Tim Sander for this contribution!

C/C++ support has received many improvements again. Aside from many bug fixes, we got refactoring actions for "Optimize For Loop" and  "Extract Constant as Function Parameter", and when you "Follow Symbol" on virtual function calls, you now get to decide to which implementation you want to jump.

We also put a lot of effort into getting LLDB debugging support into shape. We do not have feature parity with gdb/Linux support yet, but in most ways it surpasses gdb/Mac support now. The basic debugging features work, and many of the non-basic ones too, including a good part of the Qt and std:: pretty printers.

Support for the git version control system was extended a lot, for example you can now remove and rename tags, set the remote tracking branch, recursively clone, and stage and unstage chunks directly from the unified diff viewer. Also it is now possible to switch between the side-by-side and unified mode with a button in the diff viewer.

Of course much more has changed, so I suggest you just head over to the download pages and try for yourself:

Download Qt Creator 3.0 standalone

Read more about Qt 5.2 (which comes with Qt Creator 3.0)

Qt 5.2 known issues

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