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Qt for MCUs Public Evaluations Rollout

We have launched the demo version of Qt for MCUs a couple of weeks ago and the attention and feedback has been overwhelming. If you have missed out on the hype, you can find lots of additional content on our website. I am happy to announce that the evaluation images are now ready and that we are starting to grant access to the evaluation downloads.

The difference between the demo and the evaluation version is, that the latter lets you edit the sample applications, create or re-use your own QML code for the UI. We are also working on a full engineering package but that is a subject of a later post. Here is a short table describing the packages:


If you missed the MCU webinar a few weeks back let me briefly explain why Qt for MCUs matters; QML is a declarative UI language widely used in all industries and solutions. QML and Qt Quick Controls allow you to draft and create your UI from day one of your project. You can also reuse the same code, assets, competences, and workflow throughout your different projects on PCs, tablets, mobile and embedded-Linux-based devices, and now also on microcontrollers with tiny memory footprints. All this means that you can save development and maintenance time, as well as hardware costs throughout your product life cycle.

Qt Quick Ultralite Benefits Overview

We have lined up a couple of webinars to help you get started with Qt for MCUs. Make sure you sign up to get step-by-step instructions from installing Qt for MCUs to creating and deploying your first application. We will be joined by guest presenters from NXP and STMicrocontrollers to talk hardware. The webinars with STMicroelectronics will be on 25 September at 9am PST and  10AM CEST, the one with NXP on 15 October at 8am PDT.

If you have not yet received an email regarding your evaluation request you should get one soon. And if you did not register your interest for evaluation you can do it through, pick commercial, fill in your details and remember to tick the box for microcontrollers as your embedded target. Also, if you are an existing Qt for Device Creation Developer License holder you already have the evaluation available under your Qt Account

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