Better understanding of test reports: viewing expected images and test script code in Test Center

Often enough, test results alone only tell us half of the story: the process of debugging and finally understanding the actual cause of a problem usually requires having a good look at your test sources. To bridge the gap between symptom and cause, we added a powerful new feature for the upcoming version of Test Center: repository support!

The ability to access file repositories right from the Test Center user interface makes it a lot easier to see where a specific test failure occurred, giving you more context for understanding the cause. Jump directly from the Verifications View to where an error occurs and uncover bugs faster!

The repository support also extends to our new Verification Point viewer, which can fetch the expected Verification Point automatically for you, making comparisons even simpler.

Supported with the next release are Git repositories and plain folders (filesystem) residing on the Test Center instance. For version-controlled repositories (i.e. Git), you can associate the appropriate revision of the test sources with your result uploads via labels. This ensures that you are always looking at the correct version of your test sources, even for past results.

This new feature paves the way for a lot of additional features for Test Center, some of which we are already looking to implement. One example is the ability to update your test sources from Test Center, another feature is tracking changes between test runs to see if a different in your test setup might explain a failure. If there is something you would like to see, please tell us. Also, make sure you take a look at the Test Center documentation of our next release to get started with this new feature!

    The Qt Company acquired froglogic GmbH in order to bring the functionality of their market-leading automated testing suite of tools to our comprehensive quality assurance offering.