Jan 8, 2008

Accurate update regions for thin QGraphicsItems

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Dec 19, 2007

Popups are a can of worms

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Nov 22, 2007

Widgets On The Canvas Integrated

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Nov 12, 2007

Demo screenshot: “embedded dialogs”

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Oct 30, 2007

Noises from the crypt… (Widgets on Graphics View update)

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Sep 5, 2007

Thoughts about graphics performance

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Aug 13, 2007

Java GUI developers, suffer no more ;-)

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Jun 6, 2007

Dialogs on the Canvas

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Apr 11, 2007

Qt demo

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Apr 2, 2007

Graphics View with layouts and widgets?

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Mar 16, 2007

Resolution independent UIs

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Mar 9, 2007

QGraphicsView: Widgets on the Canvas

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Mar 1, 2007

Perspective transformations on a QGraphicsView

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Feb 27, 2007

Graphics View improvements

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Jan 21, 2007

Untransformable QGraphicsItem tags / labels

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