Software Engineer, Embedded Graphics

Oulu, Finland or Oslo, Norway

We are seeking a Software Engineer with a passion for Graphics Development to join our international and highly motivated R&D team, either in Oslo or Oulu.

About the Role

You will work on the world’s leading cross-platform C++ framework, where you will contribute to developing solutions that make life easy for application developers on a multitude of platforms, from embedded to desktop and mobile. As Qt is open source, you will also benefit from working with the global community. This is reflected in our work, we are cooperative, provide great mentoring, growing and learning together in a friendly environment.


  • are curious and creative
  • want to write robust, modern C++
  • are well versed in embedded development
  • have graphics and OpenGL development experience
  • are familiar with modern graphics APIs such as Vulkan, Direct3D 12 or Metal
  • know how to impress people with GLSL or HLSL
  • have experience with the lower layers of an embedded Linux graphics stack (EGL, fbdev, DRM/KMS, etc.)
  • are interested in software design and architecture
  • can work independently, managing your tasks and projects
  • can contribute to maintaining a large code base
  • communicate well, both online and face-to-face
  • can work closely with other parts of the organization, and with the Qt community
  • are comfortable working with publicly available code and material

Perhaps you

  • know a bit of Qt and QML?
  • know JavaScript, Java or Objective-C?
  • have experience with open source communities and development?
  • have an idea what JTAG or Yocto is?
  • know your way around in Linux, Windows or macOS?

We offer you

  • a family friendly, diverse, sociable workplace where learning is valued
  • flexible hours, that focus on work/life balance
  • a training program
  • great colleagues from many parts of the world

We also offer a highly international work place with uniquely skilled people from around the whole world. Our culture embraces openness, learning, encouragement and fun. The Qt Company operates in China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia and USA. To learn more please visit


Oulu, Finland or Oslo, Norway


Send us some code you’ve written! It can already exist in your public GitHub or similar, or you can write something new. Think of it in terms of submitting a portfolio of existing work, so as to represent you as a developer. We don’t expect you do have a full portfolio available that shows every aspect of your career, but one or two pieces of code you feel are representative. You can add links and attachments in the application form.

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