Software Engineer, Microsoft Windows platform

Berlin, Germany

We are seeking a Software Engineer to join our international and highly motivated Windows team in Berlin.

About the Role

The Qt Company’s engineers work on the Qt framework, which enables our customers to create applications that run smoothly on many different platforms, from embedded boards to desktop and mobile. In your daily work environment you will be surrounded by a team of worldwide experts, and you will have the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge about all aspects of software development.

Microsoft Windows is one of the major platforms for Qt to develop on, but also target Qt based native applications. This covers classic applications through the Win32 API, but also Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps via WinRT API. Working on a platform integration requires the ability to quickly learn and apply platform specific knowledge and tie it into the product in a cross-platform manner. While classic applications target the desktop, a variety of platforms are supported via UWP. You will be responsible for helping users of Qt create projects on mobile as well as embedded Windows platforms. We would like to strengthen our team with a dedicated C++ developer. We offer a permanent position with lots of freedom, but also responsibility to drive things forward.

Your qualifications:

  • Solid background in software engineering
  • Excellent programming skills in C++
  • Enthusiastic attitude towards learning more.
  • Ability to work as part of a team on various topics.
  • Excellent English skills, both spoken and written.

Additional qualifications that will be an advantage:

  • Experience with Qt (C++ and QML)
  • Experience with win32 and / or WinRT
  • Insights on Windows platforms and platform specific characteristics
  • Experience with large projects and code bases
  • Contributions to open source projects


We offer a highly international work place with uniquely skilled people from around the whole world. Our culture embraces openness, learning, encouragement and fun. The Qt Company operates in China, Finland, Japan, Germany, Korea, Norway, Russia and USA. To learn more please visit

Applications from people with disabilities are welcome.



Berlin, Germany

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