Qt at CES 2020 


High performance

Vibrant ecosystem

The automotive industry continues to accelerate towards being C.A.S.E (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric.) These four key trends put software on the frontline. Having a robust and highly reusable HMI development platform are the key ingredients to create software defined vehicles at scale.

At CES 2020, we will showcase the latest advancement with our HMI development platform, key features and innovations with Qt:

Scalable HMI development platform

From ensuring functional safety to creating consistent UI/UX across all screens, and managing vehicle variants to enabling connected services, Qt offers the ease of use tool chains and framework for developing integrated digital cockpit HMIs. We will demonstrate the latest installment of relevant use cases and references including Qt for Android Automotive OS.

High visual fidelity

We are introducing the latest UI creation using Qt Quick and Qt for MCUs. We will walk you through how we enhance the design-develop workflow, while maximizing the high visual fidelity with good performance on some of automotive SoCs and MCUs.

Vibrant Qt ecosystem

This year we are bringing more partners’ HMI references and creations including some of top brands in the world. We are also bringing demonstrators from industrial automation to consumer electronics. Be prepared to witness the cutting edge of demonstrators built with Qt.

Qt at CES 2020

CES 2020 Qt Highlights

If we missed you at CES this year, we've got you covered. Have a look at this cool demo of an automotive HMI featuring synchronized 3D animations and swiping content between OSes and screens all seamless and ASIL-B-ready. But wait, there's more!  

superlative User Experience for battery-powered wearables - Learn more

Rich graphics on ultra-low-power MCUs, built with Qt for MCUs. Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.

◦ Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine 
◦ Full touch control.
◦ Animations, Swipe actions, Lists, etc.
◦ Compass

◦ Rich user experiences on resource-constrained hardware
◦ Industry-leading tools and an efficient designer-developer workflow

Smartphone-like experiences with Qt for MCUs


Silky-smooth, constant 60 fps rendering performance
with a Renesas R-Car D3 entry-level SoC using Qt Quick and
Qt Quick 3D.

Key Features
• The cluster UI has two different gauge modes and a real-time
3D ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) view in the
• The design concept contains both real-time 3D elements as well as elements that can be rendered with 2D using OpenGL shaders and visual design bringing a seamless 3D experience
Key Benefiits
• Utilize the same technologies from low to high-end solutions –
maximize the re-use
• Optimizing the SW and Graphical assets ensures high performance even with entry-level SoCs

Renesas R-Car D3 entry-level SoC using Qt and real time 3D ADAS

it's getting hot in here

Smooth animations on cheaper hardware
Built with Qt for MCUs. Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.
• Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine
• Full touch control, animations, swipe actions, etc.
• Supports multiple languages
• Various pre-built UI controls such as dials, switches, knobs, etc.
• Rich user experience on resource-constrained hardware
• Integrated Design-Develop workflow Creator IDE

Rich User Experience for Smart Home Thermostat on NXP RT 1050 and STM32F769I-Disco

Linux-powered Automotive Platform with strong ecosystem

• Market-proven OS with 70+ million install base
• Strong Ecosystem from silicon vendor to cloud platform
• Fully Customizable
• Effortless Adoption
• Differentiated user experience
• Sustainable Platform Management

LG webOS Auto
for Automotive

To meet Functional Safety requirements (ISO26262 / ASIL-B), the safety critical telltales (e.g. airbag, tier pressures) are rendered by a seperate safety certified process, we call it Safe Rendering. This is important because even if there is an error in the main system, the telltales continue to be displayed while the rest of system is being rebooted. Qt Safe Renderer tooling that's built into the Qt Quick Designer makes it easy to add safety critical UI elements to Qt based safety critical systems. Test the whole system together on the desktop, separate out to separate processes for the embedded target.

Benefits for Qt Safe Rendering

  • Qt Safe Rendering give you a pre-certified component to help you get to ISO26262 ASIL-B for a Qt based instrument cluster
  • Certified tooling to simplify the UI design workflow

 Operating system:

  • QNX


  • i.MX6

Functional safety with Qt Safe Rendering

Crazy 3D Cluster

• Easy migration from Max/Maya to your embedded project
• Fully customizable to satisfy the system requirements of the embedded project
• Control 3D UIs by writing in Qt/QML
• Taking full advantage of Qt 3D Studio and its 3D runtime to create a digital cluster on Nvidia Jetson board
• Create professional 3D HMI UIs with 3D Max or Maya to an embedded
environment through Qt 3D Studio
• Reduced polygons, adding textures and effects to lower cost and power consumption
can be easily achieved with Qt 3D Studio
• Full control of the 3D UI and objects from QML

Create professional 3D HMI UIs with 3D Max or Maya to an embedded environment.

powerful voice assistance add-on with Qt and German Autolabs

The Qt Automotive Suite found its voice! Presented in the car head-unit with Qt powered GUI, the assistant is powered by the user’s smartphone


  • Calls: Make & receive calls
  • Messaging: Send & receive messages, including
  • Music: Start and control the playback of music
  • Navigation: Set navigation destinations, change destinations, hands-free, get information on ETA, nearby POIs and more

Powerful voice assistance add-on for the Qt Automotive Suite

Safe Multi-Display Cockpit Controller  with Qt and Open Synergy

Combines mixed criticality functions within a single SoC


  • Function isolation by separation
  • Shared Display Feature
  • Virtual machines sharing one GPU
  • IC Guard verifying safety-critical graphics


  • COQOS hypervisor provides freedom from interference
  • ASIL-B tell tales are qualified according to ISO 26262
  • Content from Linux and Android VMs can be merged on one display
  • Content from Linux and Android VMs can be displayed on several screens.

Safe Multi-Display Cockpit Controller

Qt Design Studio and  Autodesk VRED and Qt Streaming

Autodesk VRED is a 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software for automotive designers. The latest VRED version enables you to stream Qt applications to VRED scenes through WebGL streams.  This enables seeing your Automotive UI designs in realtime in a VR environment. You can also stream the UI directly from Qt Design Studio Live Preview.

Qt Design Studio and  Autodesk VRED and Qt Streaming

Full Digital Cluster on Microcontroller Renesas RH850 - watch more
Digital Cluster for entry-level segment built with Qt for MCUs. 

 Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine 
 Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.
 Cluster UI controlled via CAN protocol
 App mimicking Steering wheel control running on Raspberry Pi (with CAN controller) sends CAN signals to RH850

 Deliver a rich user experience on resource constrained hardware
 Benefit from industry leading tools and benefit from integrated Design-Develop workflow

Renesas e-cockpit reference solution

Out-of-the-box ECU reference solution using Qt for Open GL ES hardware acceleration, ASIL B ready functional safety, fastboot. Safety-critical applications

  • Non-critical application & Automotive Grade Linux securely run in secure partitions on INTEGRITY Multivisor. 
  • Navigation from Mapbox
  • Connectictivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Clarinox and LTE from Sierra Wireless
  • Audio, video playback
  • Camera integration
  • Automotive ethernet, CAN, CAN FD
  • Pre-integrated OpenGL ES 3 graphics package from Qt HMI solutions
  • Customizable fast-booth architecture 
  • Complex peripherals such as the GPU and USB touchscreen safely shared between instrument cluster and Linux-based IVI applications
  • Hardware enablement includes PCB with enclosure, PCB schematic, PCB layout, HW parts library, board bring up test utility, LPDDR4 simulation files, mechanical enclosure CAD model, and thermal analysis

Qt HMI ecockpit reference solution by Renesas & Greenhill software

Internet of Things & Qt/QML Learn more

Qt Quick based application reading 8 different sensors, visualizing the data and storing the data to the cloud. Application can be also used to visualize the data stored into the cloud service from remote devices.

Technologies used:

  • Qt Quick UI with shader effects
  • Qt Charts for data visualization
  • Qt Bluetooth module for sensor connectivity
  • MQTT Server or Microsoft Azure Cloud services


  • TI SensorTag CC2650STK
  • Android tablet 
  • Raspberry Pi 3 with Qt for Device Creation Linux
  • NXP iMX 6 with Integrity OS

IoT and Qt with 8 sensors, data visualization and real time animations

Qt for MCUs Smart Wearables

Uncompromising User Experience for battery powered wearables
Rich graphics on ultra-low-power MCUs
Built with Qt for MCUs. Ultimate Performance. Tiny Footprint.
  • Rich graphics rendered by the new Qt Quick Ultralite engine
  • Full touch control
  • Animations, Swipe actions, Lists etc.
  • Compass
  • Deliver a rich user experience on resource constrained hardware
  • Benefit from industry leading tools and benefit from integrated
  • Design-Develop workflow

The Qt Company Deepens Strategic Partnership with LG Electronics
LG Electronics (LG) enter a strategic partnership with The Qt Company which entails collaboration in developing technological and business opportunities in the embedded space, including areas like automotive, robotics, smart homes, and more. Read more

The Qt Company showcased a complete portfolio of consumer electronics for a more C.A.S.E (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) world this year in Las Vegas. Please contact us to keep the conversation going and discover how our solutions can transform your business.

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