Building an Embedded Application with Qt - Hands-on Virtual Training

Don’t let the current work from home circumstances derail your professional development. This hands-on virtual training will teach you how to build a Qt application for an embedded device. Our lab exercises will use a Raspberry Pi but the concepts could be applied to embedded development on most boards. We will give you a thorough understanding on how to use QML and the Qt API to create an application from an empty screen to a full graphic user interface.

To participate in this course you will need to obtain the required hardware and attend a pre-course meeting with the instructor to ensure you have the hardware set-up correctly. 


Day 1 — Setting the Stage & Properly Adding Business Logic Outside of UI

Day 2 — Transitioning Through Screens & Creating QML Components, Modules and Plugins

Day 3 — Connecting to a SQL Database & Writing to the Database

Day 4 — Using a GPIO Device & QML Dialogs and Qt Charts

Day 5 — Polishing & Finalizing UI

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Location online, Waltham, Massachusetts 02451, United States
Starts 0:00 Apr 26, 2021 UTC 0
Ends 0:00 Apr 30, 2021 UTC 0
Type Training courses

Cost $1995
Organizer ICS
Phone 7815523711