Driving Down Automotive Costs for Richer HMIs with Qt and i.MX RT 1170 (Americas)

online, , , 10:00 Apr 20, 2021 UTC -7

Automotive HMI solutions traditionally require complicated hardware and extensive architecture to accomplish every goal. In the world of microcontrollers (MCU), we can create dedicated systems to fit the requirements together with richer and snappier graphical user interfaces (GUIs). This reduces development time, cost and also distributes specialized parts of the system into separate hardware units.

Join us to start creating richer UIs with specialized parts of the system with a dual-core architecture.

We will cover:

  • An introduction to Qt for MCUs, Qt Quick Ultralite runtime
  • APIs to accelerate your next scalable HMI application
  • Challenges creating vehicle solutions and why NXP i.MX RT1170 MCUs
  • Rapid prototyping embedded GUIs on the hardware
  • Distribution of system responsibilities between two cores
  • Handling CAN bus on secondary core and passing the data between two cores.

Attendees will find the final dual-core architecture design using Qt for MCUs running on NXP i.MX RT1170 for optimized speed and power consumption. Take a sneak peek!


Join us live and ask questions on April 20 at 10 am CET (Europe/Asia) or 10 am US-PT / 1pm US-ET (Americas) or simply sign up to get the on-demand recording after the event. Registration contact information will be shared with the joint content provider and partner, Siili_Auto

Target audience: Anyone interested is welcome to join, including, but not limited to Automotive system engineering teams, embedded development teams, UI/UX designers, developers, technology managers and executives.


  • Harrison Donahue, Business Development Manager, Qt for MCUs, The Qt Company
  • Marcin Lisowski, C++/Embedded Software Engineer, Siili_Auto
    Marcin is a highly motivated software engineer with 7 years of professional experience. He is actively participating in international projects and working with multiple teams. Always trying to find the best way to satisfy all requirements keeping the best quality at the same time. He likes to work in an experienced team and not afraid of new challenges. Familiar with security sector in both mobile and desktop development. His specialties are: C++11/14/17, STL, C#, Python. 
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Starts 10:00 Apr 20, 2021 UTC -7
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Language English
Topics APIs, GUI, QtQuickUltralite, CAN bus
Organizer The Qt Company
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