Efficient CRUD Implementation with Qt

Online10:00 Nov 27, 2019 UTC +2

Are you facing a challenge representing huge amounts of data lag-free and with a limited amount of resources? In this guest webinar on 27th Nov at 10:00 CET, Vaidotas Strazdas shares his experience on how he successfully achieved this. Topics covered are:

1. Reasons to write a CRUD library from scratch

2. How to optimize representation of list items when using widgets or any other type of view class instances

3. Data structures that can be used to make CRUD library as efficient as possible

4. Making CRUD libraries easily maintainable and reusable across projects

5. Qt in complex cross-platform software development with big amounts of data.

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Speaker: Vaidotas Strazdas, Programmer Consultant, UAB

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Location Online
Starts 10:00 Nov 27, 2019 UTC +2
Ends 11:00 Nov 27, 2019 UTC +2
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