How to create a medical device proof-of-concept prototype overnight

Online9:00 Jun 10, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the creative technology studio Siili Auto together with The Qt Company, recently launched a new graphical user interface prototype that can be quickly deployed in ventilators for patient treatment. The prototype is based on Qt for MCUs, a newly released graphics framework made to create user interfaces optimized for resource-constrained devices.

The team managed to create a modern user interface fit for the increasing needs and requirements of medical devices in record-breaking time: In one day and night! Such a fast turn-around indicates a breakthrough in software development in terms of bringing medical devices to market faster and the potential to save many lives in the future.


In this webinar, Siili’s Bartosz Taczala and Qt’s Roger Mazzella will cover


• An overview of the state of the medical industry

• How medical device manufacturers drive innovation with Qt

• Learnings from and for other industries

• Qt for MCUs overview

• A description of how the team created the graphical design concept for the UI and integrated it to the NXP i.MX RT series microcontroller

• Demonstrate the high-fidelity user interface demo

• Answer your questions on the process and technical details.


Make sure you sign up for this free webinar now, tune in live on June 10th at 9 am PDT (Americas) or June 10th at 10 am CEST (Europe/Asia) and ask your questions and get a copy of the webinar recording sent to your inbox shortly after. 




• Bartosz Taczala, Technical Lead, Siili Auto, Siili Solution Oyj

• Roger Mazzella, Senior Product Manager, The Qt Company

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Starts 9:00 Jun 10, 2020
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