Implementing Modern Apps with Qt Quick

his 3-day course focuses on developing modern applications for embedded systems and desktops using Qt Quick. The target audience is accustomed to the widget classes and is looking to implement UI using QML instead. It assumes a working knowledge of the Qt core and widget classes. The course will present the latest Qt Quick techniques for implementation of UI and UI behavior, the interaction between C++ and QML, user interaction, animations and state machines. Additionally you will learn debugging, profiling and unit testing techniques. The course includes hands-on lab assignments.

Course Availability: On-site, Open Enrollment

Subject: Qt

Duration: 3 days

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of programming with Qt on the desktop using widgets
  • Basic knowledge of C++

Introduction to QML and Qt Quick

  • Introduction to Qt Quick
  • Qt Creator
  • Qt Quick Hello World
  • QML Concepts
  • Composing User Interfaces
  • Nested Elements
  • Graphical Types
  • Text Items
  • Anchor Layout
  • QML Components
  • Dynamic Object Management in QML

Qt Quick Structures and User Interaction

  • Qt Quick Structures
  • Components
  • Signals and Slots in QML
  • Qt Quick Controls
  • Modules
  • User Interaction
  • Mouse Input
  • Touch Input
  • Keyboard Input

Animations, States and Transitions

  • Animations
  • Easing Curves
  • Animation Groups
  • States and Transitions
  • States
  • State Conditions
  • Transitions

Under the Hood - the Qt C++ Layer

  • Integrating QML with C++
  • Declarative Environment
  • Exporting C++ Objects to QML
  • Exporting Classes to QML
  • Using Custom Types
  • Plug-ins

Debugging and Unit Testing

  • Notes on Debugging
  • QML profiler
  • Unit Testing
  • Mocking QML UI

You will need a laptop with the following with Qt version 5.x

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