欢迎莅临我们的展位6.2H6.2H-C093,或联系Stella Sun (stella.sun@qt.io) 安排会议。

Join us at the Industrial Automation Show (IAS) to share experiences and exchange ideas on production and process automation, industrial automation IT & software.

Industrial Automation Show is a Specialized Show themed on Industrial Automation under China International Industry Fair. Industrial Automaton Show is an international exhibition for Industrial Automation Solutions, Production and Process Automation, Electrical Systems, Robotics, Industrial IT & Software and Microsystems Technology. IAS is a must-attend event for the industry’s prominent and most promising companies in China and the rest Asian area. 

Visit our stand at 6.2H6.2H-C093 or contact Stella Sun (stella.sun@qt.io) to set up a meeting.

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Location National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) /国家会展中心(上海), Shanghai, Shanghai 201702, China
Starts 9:00 Sep 19, 2018 UTC +8
Ends 18:00 Sep 23, 2018 UTC +8
Type Trade shows & seminars

Cost Free for pre-registered visitors.
Language English & Madarin
Topics Automation
Organizer Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd,
Phone visitor@hmf-china.com
Email visitor@hmf-china.com
Website http://www.industrial-automation-show.com/EN/