Online 9:00 May 4, 2021

Join Qt at MATLAB EXPO, the premier online event on May 4-5 connecting you with key technology leaders who are leveraging MATLAB and Simulink to make a significant impact in engineering and science.

Join our Qt Experts R&D Manager Mahmoud Ali & Product Director Miao Luo as they share their ideas on how to design the next-gen user experience with Simulink and Qt Design Studio

The benefit of integrating a Simulink model with Qt Design Studio results in functionally complete, accurate simulations of Automotive HMI that can be used to study how the system works as well as how the UI looks and behaves. It also enables a parallel workflow in which a developer can build the simulation model in Simulink while a designer is building the UI in Qt Design Studio without any overlapping work between them. In this talk, we will walk you through how a designer creates a functional Automotive HMI with Qt Design Studio and how the HMI and the Simulink model can interact.

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Location Online
Starts 9:00 May 4, 2021
Ends 17:00 May 5, 2021
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