MedTech Con 2019

Qt will be speaking and exhibiting in booth 307 at MedTechCon this year. Please join us in the gathering of more than 3,000 of the world’s top medtech executives in Boston, MA, for the leading event in the medical industry.

The conference features world‑class plenary speakers, cross‑cutting educational programming, valuable networking and business development opportunities, The MedTech Conference is a must‑attend event for the industry’s prominent and most promising companies.

Our Qt for Medical experts will be speaking and exhibiting at MedTech Con:

"Mitigating Human Factors Risk" on Wednesday, September 25 at 11 - 11:20 AM

Speaker: Roger Mazzella MBE, Qt for Medical Product Manager, The Qt Company

Location: Hall B, 200

Human Factor Risk is as crucial as clinical and cybersecurity risks. By not mitigating all risk, there remains a chance that the safety of patients, doctors, nurses and technicians can be jeopardized. All of the time and effort making sure a device works as intended could be lost if the device is not used as intended.

Typically, improper use of a device is neither malicious nor is it intended. Improper use can stem from a device not being intuitive, being unpleasant to use, or being bothersome among other contributing factors. The lack of user adoption is one negative outcome from this situation. If the device is the only option for the task at hand, and non-use is not an option, a user may look for an easier way to use the device than what has been prescribed; a “hack around”. The result? Human Factors Risk is substantially increased.

The focus needs to shift away from what a developer wants a technology to do and toward what the user and the patient need it to do.

During this session learn what technical solutions are available to help implement a UX (User Experience)-centric design process to develop the most user adoptable Medtech product.

*** Qt will be exhibiting at booth 307 to show and tell more about creating safe, effective and reliable medical devices and applications and display demonstrations of Qt being used in:

Our experts will be on hand to discuss creating safe, effective and reliable medical devices and applications and showcasing how Qt can be used in:

• Infusion Pumps

• Live Patient Monitoring & Electronical Records

• Ultrasound Apps

• and more medical solutions effectively

To pre-book a meeting with our Qt experts in medical, please contact us at or

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