Modern OpenGL Introduction

This training provides a comprehensive introduction to modern OpenGL development. Beginning with the basic concepts, all the fundamental topics to develop flexible, high performance OpenGL code that run on the desk- top and embedded / mobile devices will be covered. Key techniques including lighting, texturing, framebuffer objects and transformations are introduced, in a format suitable for any developer working in C or C++.

Why learn Modern OpenGL?

OpenGL is the industry standard for high performance graphics and computation on desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. Whether the requirement is visualizing large data sets, creating engaging user interfaces or breathtaking real-time visuals, getting the topics covered in this course is essential.

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Location 1st Floor Ropewalks Newton Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK911 6QJ, United Kingdom
Starts 9:00 Sep 10, 2019 UTC 0
Ends 16:00 Sep 12, 2019 UTC 0
Type Training courses

Cost 1 500 €
Language English
Topics Introduction to Modern OpenGL
Organizer KDAB
Phone UK: +44 1625 809908