MQTT v5: How the new protocol version helps your project succeed with Qt MQTT

Online17:00 Mar 14, 2019 UTC +1

Since the initial release of Qt MQTT a new version of the standard has been introduced.

With Qt for Automation 5.12 all new protocol features and changes have been applied.

Whether you are using Qt MQTT already and want to learn how to incorporate the new features, or you are generally interested in latest additions, this session is for you.

The speaker will talk about standard specifics and how those are represented in the Qt API. Furthermore, guidance and some best practices implementing a publish and subscribe pattern with MQTT will be given.

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Location Online
Starts 17:00 Mar 14, 2019 UTC +1
Ends 18:00 Mar 14, 2019 UTC +1
Type Live Webinars

Cost Free
Organizer The Qt Company

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