A Guide to porting Qt Quick applications to Microcontrollers using Qt for MCUs, Europe / Asia

Online9:00 Feb 4, 2020 UTC +2

Qt for MCUs allows Qt QML applications to run on Microcontrollers by leveraging the new lightweight QML rendering engine, Qt Quick Ultralite (Qt QUL). Since QUL supports only a subset of QML, there are limitations and challenges in using the full Qt Quick feature set. This webinar will guide you through the steps to migrate existing Qt Quick applications to Qt QUL overcoming those limitations and challenges.

Webinar time & dates:

4th February 2020, 10 am CET - Register above

4th February 2020, 9 am PST - Register here

Topics covered

  • Qt for MCU
  • Qt Quick & Qt Quick Ultralite
  • Creating animations
  • Migrating existing application (Walkthrough examples based on Consumer electronics use cases)


  • Michele Rossi, The Qt Company
  • Sumer Bains, Director, Verolt Engineering
  • Ravi Dattatraya Head of Engineering, Verolt Engineering

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Location Online
Starts 9:00 Feb 4, 2020 UTC +2
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Topics MCU
Organizer The Qt Company
Email info@qt.io
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