Qt Lottie: Embedding Adobe After Effects right in your application

Online16:00 May 7, 2020 UTC +2

Qt Lottie Will Change Your Life

Thanks to the Qt Lottie library, UX designers can now embed their designs into applications directly, instead of having to recreate them in code. This makes complex micro-animations easy. Really easy. Qt Lottie is a new addition to the Qt framework, and provides a Qt-specific cross-platform implementation of the Lottie framework.

This webinar will:

· Provide an overview of Qt Lottie

· Show how to integrate the technology into your UIs

· Dive into how Qt Lottie can be integrated into Qt Quick applications, when it’s useful, and when it’s not

Make sure you sign up for this free webinar now, tune in live and ask your questions on May 7th 2020 at 4 pm CET and 10 am PST and get a copy of the webinar recording sent to your inbox shortly after.

Speaker: Rebecca Worledge, Senior Software Engineer, The Qt Company

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Location Online
Starts 16:00 May 7, 2020 UTC +2
Ends 17:00 May 7, 2020 UTC +2
Type Live Webinars

Cost Free
Language English
Topics Qt Lottie
Organizer The Qt Company
Email info@qt.io
Website www.qt.io

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