Qt or Android?

Online11:00 Aug 20, 2020 UTC -7

It all started with Witekio software engineers wanting to tackle a recurring question in the engineering community: Why choose Qt rather than Android and vice-versa?

Qt and Android are often complementary (automotive, smartphone) and Witekio teams complete an equivalent number of Android and Linux/Qt projects. Everyone has their favorite, but no one had ever achieved an exhaustive and unbiased comparison.

That is what Julien, Erwan, and Stephen decided to do.
It was all about comparing Android and Qt, evaluating each solution’s advantages and drawbacks from the point of view of embedded software developers.

To achieve this, they decided to build on a real-life example: develop a Music player app on an NXP i.MX 8 Quad board.

Their work first started with Julien comparing low-level OS choice between Android and Linux. Then our 2 application developers, Erwan and Stephen, faced each other in a breath-taking match to develop the
same application with Android and Qt. They compared both solutions performance, step by step, and had
passionate debates.

In this exclusive webinar, Witekio's expert Adrien will present and discuss the results of their debates.


Why would a developer choose Qt rather than Android and vice-versa?


This is the question Witekio's engineers decided to answer, by: 

Developing the same music player mobile application

Comparing Qt and Android on more than 15 criteria


That lead to a score per criteria and a global score


Adrien Leravat, Embedded Software and IoT Architect, Witekio will present the debate's results during this exclusive webinar.


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