Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Future of Intuitive Medical Devices

Online 16:00 Aug 13, 2024 UTC +2

Join our next Visionary Voices of Tech Webinar together with experts from Clarius, Witekio and Ezurio for an engaging panel discussion, where we will dive deep into the innovations driving the medical device industry forward. From the critical role of AI in revolutionising healthcare to the challenges of regulatory compliance, we’ll explore the latest advancements shaping the industry.

We'll discuss:

  • The current state and future directions in the medical industry: Gain firsthand knowledge from experts who are leading the charge in medical device innovation.
  • AI’s impact on Healthcare: How AI transforms user experiences and decision-making accuracy on medical devices
  • Accelerating Time-to-Market: The critical importance of early regulatory considerations when developing medical devices and explore the balance between incremental changes and the need for swift market entry.
  • Smart and Intuitive UIs: How smarter, more intuitive user interfaces play a pivotal role in device adoption.
  • Platform Strategy and Cybersecurity: The strategic aspects of medical device development


  • Kris Dickie, Chief Technology Officer at Clarius
  • Remi Roux, Application Team Lead at Witekio
  • Dan Kephart Senior Product Manager at Ezurio
  • Roger Mazzella, Senior Product Lead, Medical at Qt Group


See you online!

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Location Online
Starts 16:00 Aug 13, 2024 UTC +2
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Cost Free
Language English
Topics Medical Devices, AI, Cyber Security, Platform Engineering, UI/UX, Connectivity
Organizer Qt Group

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