The State and Future Directions of the Qt Graphics Stack

Online10:00 Mar 11, 2020 UTC +2

The way Qt handles accelerated 2D and 3D graphics is facing its biggest changes since Qt 5.0. Relying solely on OpenGL is not going to be sufficient in the future due to a changing graphics API landscape on desktop, mobile, and embedded platforms. Various Qt modules are expected to migrate away from the direct usage of OpenGL and GLSL to Vulkan, Metal, or Direct 3D, in addition to OpenGL.

In this webinar, Laszlo is going to explain the changes, their implications, and demo some of the new graphics abstraction APIs, shader conditioning tools, and the currently work-in-progress port of Qt Quick onto the new architecture.

Make sure you sign up for this free webinar now, tune in live and ask your questions on Mar 11th at 10 am CET and get a copy of the webinar recording sent to your inbox shortly after.

Speaker: Laszlo Agocs, Principal Software Engineer, The Qt Company

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Location Online
Starts 10:00 Mar 11, 2020 UTC +2
Ends 11:00 Mar 11, 2020 UTC +2
Type Live Webinars

Cost Free
Language English
Organizer The Qt Company

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