Embedded World 2022

June 21-23, 2022 | Nuremberg, Germany 

The leading international fair for embedded systems, Embedded World, is the place to meet #QtPeople and partners!

Visit Hall 4, Stand 4-258, where you will experience the newest and coolest in Qt Automotive, IoT, Medical and Digital Advertising demos.

Lets put heads together and discuss your upcoming projects! 

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Want to discuss your upcoming project? Whether you want to refine your product or develop from scratch – our Qt experts love to help. From technology and license evaluation to specialized engineering skill requirements, here’s a chance to put heads together with people developing Qt.

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Check out some of the demos showcased at our stand:

Rowing demo

Creative UI Design 

Qt Rower is a 2560 x 1600 smart rower UI.  Qt Rower is targeted toward a handheld tablet.  The rower was designed in Figma and bridged to Design Studio.



Healthcare and Medical
Patient monitoring

Functional Design with Qt

The goal of this demo is to show the simplicity of bridging/importing assets to Qt Design Studio, adding interactivity, animations, and running on both a MacOS & Windows device. 


Home appliances
Oven demo

Limitless scalability

The oven demo showcases Qt scalability from MCU to MPU hardware, with a mobile companion app. Cross-platform. Same application code also runs on Embedded Linux, Android, Desktop and in a Browser with WebAssembly. 


Automotive Outrun 

A multi-screen digital cockpit demo for automotive built with Qt

Outrun explores the use of cinematic camera movements in 3D space to replace any traditional page-change-looking UI transitions, creating a sense of immersion that is difficult to achieve with 2D graphics alone.

Combining 3D and 2D in one scene graph enables bringing together the best of both worlds: informative and intuitive 2D UI elements and immersive and fluid 3D environments. The magic of VFX elevates the UX to the next level. Custom shaders, particles, and other visual effects allow you to create animations that truly feel alive.


Coffee machine 

Create modern touch-based applications with Qt

The Qt Coffee Machine showcases the use of Qt with Touchscreen as well as QR code app to select coffee (via MQTT) highlighting the capabilities of Qt Quick and Qt Quick Designer in creation of modern touch based user interfaces. Also supports WebAssembly.

Robotic arm                     

Showcasing the seamless workflow between designers and developers

Designer view in the designer-developer workflow showcases how designers can
efficiently work with designs using the Qt tools

Developer view in the designer-developer workflow showcases how developers can efficiently work with designs using the Qt tools

  • Sharing Qt Design Studio assets with designers
  • Integrating the UI backend
  • Sharing the UI backend with designers
  • Modifying QML files


Qt Quick 3D
Cross-platform story

Code Once. Deploy Everywhere.

Demo wall showcasing the Qt Quick 3D cross-platform story running on different vendors hardwares.

Qt Quick 3D provides a high-level API for creating 3D content and allows mixing 2D and 3D in the same user interface. Boot2Qt is a set of tools and prebuilt images optimized for each platform’s graphic engines. Using both technologies to create a multi-platform 3D demo taking advantage of Boot2Qt rapid prototyping and showing the same application running nicely on different hardwares.

Qt Digital Advertising Platform

Qt delivers Digital Advertising smarter and easier

Turn any mobile application or embedded screen into a revenue generator with the new Qt Digital Advertising Platform. Qt Digital Advertising enables you to create a new revenue stream for your product by serving ads to your interactive UI application built on the platform of your choice - mobile, desktop, or embedded software screen. All in a scalable and flexible solution easy to deploy.

This demo will Showcase the digital advertising in an oven environment, as well as the platform scalability from MCUs to MPUs. 



Quality Assurance Tools

A Complete Quality Assurance Suite for the Modern, Functional GUI

Cross-device, cross-technology GUI testing, coupled with code coverage analysis of your entire test framework, tied together in a central platform for result analysis and management characterize the capabilities of the suite. Use one tool standalone, in a pair, or all three together to create quality, functionally-sound (Qt) GUIs.

  • Squish for Automated GUI Testing
  • CoCo for Code Coverage Analysis
  • Test Center for Test Results Management and Analysis



IoT Connected Crane 

Teaming up with Witekio

Working with heavy machinery and loads can be dangerous, so what if a crane could send live data to a supervision centre

It would enable remote monitoring, maintenance, and security alerts. 

Inspired by the Manitowoc Company, and determined to perfect technical solution mixing, Witekio set to work creating a safer, more connected crane for the future. 

Using NXP, Microsoft, Avnet and QT products and services, the connected crane clearly showcases the benefits of having industrial equipment connected to the cloud.



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