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Software Development for IoT

Cross-platform user experiences for the Internet of Things

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A world where all our things are connected is inevitable. Future-proofing your IoT software strategy with a scalable cross-platform development framework is crucial.

The Connected Embedded System

The Internet of Things comprises everything from sensors, devices, gateways, and the cloud to the software applications and mobile apps that connect it all together and that monitor and analyze your ecosystem of things. The things, devices and applications often run on a variety of operating systems where data needs to be exchanged in real-time. Developing embedded systems that are connected and share code with other devices has become the norm. This is why having a software development framework that has powerful UX capabilities is essential for:

  • Targeting multiple operating systems and hardware devices with or even without a screen
  • Easily and securely connecting to any cloud with a wide range of networking APIs and protocols
  • Leveraging your core communication libraries between a smart gateway, desktop interface and mobile gadget
  • Sharing code with other IoT developers building different parts of the ecosystem

Qt lets you build a code base for things, gateways, devices and applications that are lean and trim on which you can then layer a highly sophisticated interface for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Get the Qt Advantage

Qt gives you a huge advantage when developing software for the Internet of Things. Qt Creator IDE works on all platforms, operating systems and hardware types, supports all kinds of extensions, plug-ins, short cuts, and time savers, and it cross-compiles to the target of your choice. It also includes tools for networking to the cloud, debugging, profiling, analyzing, and designing your code. Because all supported environments are compatible, you can do rapid prototyping on your laptop and push builds to your embedded target after you’re happy with the results.

If you think Qt is only about building a UI, it’s not — there are plenty of Qt libraries for internationalization, strings, threads, XML, and JSON parsing, databases, sockets, Bluetooth, sensors, NFC, event management, and more for headless IoT development.

Qt helps you optimize your performance and reduce your footprint for your internet of things, create multi-process devices and easily integrate state machines into any Qt application.

Qt Internet of Things Infogrphic Top 5 Considerations for your IoT Strategy

High-level APIs

  • Productive development
  • Native performance through C++
  • Easy hardware and sensor access

Rich UI Offering

  • Seamless developer-designer workflow for embedded
  • Rapid UI prototyping
  • Future UI – UX is the King

Shorter Time-to-Market

  • Full Embedded tooling and workflow
  • Pre-built embedded solutions to cut time-to-market

Easy Integration to Cloud

  • Qt has built-in networking, HTML5 and JSON support
  • Easy to integrate into backend/cloud systems

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Qt consulting services can help you with a technology evaluation to ensure that you eliminate costly technical risks and optimize your IoT technology strategy from the get go.