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Head office:  Japan

SRA is the leading Qt distributor in Japan since 2000. Services like training, consultancy, development and support are delivered by a team of 80+ Qt developers for industries like automotive, medical, industrial automation, consumer electronics and more. In order to meet the challenges of responding to customer requirements, SRA blends the cutting-edge technology with new perspectives, a wealth of operations know-how, and expertise acquired throughout 40+ years of experience.

Core infrastructure technologies, including C++, C, Java, Linux, and open source software form the base from which SRA offers a full range of services and solutions – from initial development to maintenance and support for open systems, web-based systems, and embedded systems.


  • Consulting and Troubleshooting
  • Training (basic, advanced, embedded, Qt Quick and customized courses)
  • Support by dedicated support team
  • Desktop and Embedded application development
  • Original Qt solution (Flexible Software Keyboard “Qtouch”  and Japanese Input Method front-end “Qinput)
  • Qt Adapter for T-Kernel (iTRON-based OS)
  • Qt porting to new OS, and from legacy framework, Qt 3
  • Qt targeting to new devices
  • Qt widgets and library development
  • Qt API extensions
  • Qt bindings of Python as ”PyQt” & “PySide”, Ruby as “RubyQt”
  • Performance tuning
  • Testing Qt framework and Qt based applications
  • Automated Qt GUI testing tool “ Squish ” and Coverage tool ” Squish Coco “

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Head office:  South Korea

Founded in 2007, as a sole Qt license partner in Korea, Ocube provides customers with total solutions and consulting services for embedded open platform technology of automotive (In-Vehicle Infotainment), mobile communications and smart devices.

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Head office: Colombia

Domoti is a Colombian based technology company that creates world class digital products which solve technological needs of millions of users daily with solutions for web, mobile, embedded, and cloud. Their Qt know-how and expertise in custom technologies with more than 200 development projects on various platforms for worldwide recognized brands has made them the only Qt official local distributor for Latin American markets, status gained in 2012. Domoti received recognition and certifications from industry key players like Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and Nokia.

In 2008 Domoti co-founder, Daniel Jiménez, won the title of “Nokia Ambassador” for his blog Starting with 2009, when he was invited to attend the Nokia Developer Summit in Monaco, he won the title of “Nokia Developer Champion” for four years.

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C3ITOP Co. Ltd


Head office: China

C3ITOP Co. Ltd was founded in November 2009, and provided the whole localized embedded graphic solution including embedded graphics hardwares, drives, plugin interfaces, development kits and up-level applications. C3ITOP is authorized as a double soft company by Beijing Software Industry Association, meanwhile, it is a strategic partner of leading suppliers such as Wind River, Qt, Loongson etc..

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Techkinetics Pte Ltd


Head office: Singapore

Incorporated in Singapore in 2001, Techkinetics Pte Ltd has also set up representative offices in China, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries and regions. Their representatives are from several world leading technology and components manufacturers from the United States, Canada, Taiwan and Korea, with primary focus on the following markets: networking, telecommunications, military, industrial automations and automobiles. In China, Techkinetics has representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai, responsible for the technical support, marketing and business contactof QNX software system and Qt software products in China.

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Head office: China

Emdoor Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd ( Emdoor) is one of the most comprehensive development tools providers in China. Emdoor provides various tools in the process of research and development, design and management for enterprise users, we also commit to improve the efficiency of research and development, shorten the design cycle with customers. Emdoor has been focused on this field for more than ten years. Edoor have established strategic partnership with many world famous companies as their main distribution partner in China successfully, such as ARM, Altium, Ansys,TestPlant, CollabNet,Parasoft,Qt and TouchGFX and so on.
Emdoor focus on development, design, management tools for many years, has rich experience in tool usage and accumulation, can provide for the customer with the chip level development tools, EDA design tools, software compiling and testing tools, structure, design tools, more physical field simulation tools, as well as the embedded GUI tools and so on. Emdoor has been devoted to the development tools sales and technical support with many years of technology accumulation, we can better assist partners to quickly master the use of development tools, to help our partner to focus on product design and improve the design efficiency.
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Head office: Taiwan

Established in 2006, AZUL is the leading and one of a few companies who provide UI/UX Design, software development and system integration in one-stop service in Asia area.
AZUL has established good relationship with major SOC companies in Taiwan, such as Mediatek and MStar. AZUL had done middleware integration and used Qt as the key development tool for AOC and Philips’ smart TV since 2014. On the other side, AZUL attended Qt development seminar in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei.

As the leading Qt distributor in Taiwan, AZUL provides service for using Qt on embedded system and cross-platform solution.

*Service Content:

1- IoT product UI / UX solution & Software development
2- IPC industry UI / UX solution & Software development
3- Customized Public Training Course
4- Private Training Course for Enterprise
5- Consulting Service

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Head office: China

Sinux Tech, established in July 2013, is a local software solution provider based in Chengdu, China. It has 300 employees. They focus on state-owned enterprises, especially for defence industry. Sinux has a strong Qt developer team. It is a strategic patner of Qt company.

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isb_logo2(transparent) 695x393


Head office: Japan

ISB Corporation is an international Qt distributor in Japan and Vietnam and leading embedded/IT software development company, founded in 1970. ISB offers integrated solutions combined with core technologies and service know how we have built up in various industries including automotive, medical, consumers, industrial, mobile communication and networking.

Clients from a broad range of industries:

Manufacturers of electronics, automotive equipment, communication equipment, mobiles, and medical equipment,Semiconductors,Logistics companies,Communication operators,Government office, ministries, and municipalities,FM stations, IoT, etc.

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Head office: Turkey

Tektronik is a system engineering company and provides end-to-end services for product development in Aerospace, Defense and Industrial Embedded System Markets. Tektronik offers total solution for wide range of requirements which may include COTS boards, Box / Display PCs, Network solutions, Middleware, Qt and RTOS. The offered solution may be building blocks of an embedded system or Application Ready System.

Since its beginnings in 1995, Tektronik has built and expanded its expertise in the embedded space. With this experience, Tektronik’s services benefit the application/product developers by accelerating time-to-market and hardware-software risk reduction. Also Tektronik’s successful partnerships with global technology leaders enables Tektronik to provide its clients with latest, optimal solutions as required for their application.

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Head office: Taiwan

E-Soft will continually introduce new solutions of embedded system software and source code analysis tools into Taiwan market to meet customers’ requirements. In order to provide enterprises with the most up-to-date and revolutionary source code testing and analysis technique, E-Soft will continue sourcing for new solutions to be the most trust-worthy and supportive software solution provider in Taiwan.

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