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All about 3D interfaces

Learn about the latest Qt developments for IoT, Automotive and more. Get details on the upcoming Qt 3D Studio technology we have been working on. We will also dive into Qt tools, so stop by and meet with Qt experts to discuss, share and learn about the future of 3D interfaces.

Join us for this special event at Qt office in Oulu.

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Meet Gabriel

Also referred as “Dr.” and “Gabi,” a Principal Consultant at The Qt Company. He loves 60’s movies, creates his own films, and is a photographer too! A well balanced #UI design is just second to nature for Gabi.

Meet Rebecca

Our senior Qt Consultant and embedded software design wizzard. She loves counting in #binary using her fingers and came to Santa Clara from Oulu a few months ago. Our Qt Consultants will accept autographs 😜

Meet Teemu

Teemu joined The Qt Company almost one year ago and works as a Senior Technical Artist with the 3D graphics team in Qt R&D. Based in Oulu, Teemu is a huge fan of video games. Check out the cool 3D stuff the team is working on!