Team Lead, R&D

Oslo, Norway

About the Role

Team Lead position based in Oslo, Norway

We are looking for seasoned software experts to lead our R&D team in Oslo. As Team Lead for a group of 5-8 developers, you help creating an inspiring team environment, faciliate an open and engaging communication culture, and support the team with achieving their goals. You will be responsible for leading and movitivating team members, and represent the team towards other functions in the company, customers, and the Qt Open Source community.

You will work on the world's leading cross-platform C++ framework, where you will contribute to developing solutions that make life easy for application developers on a multitude of platforms, from embedded to desktop and mobile.

# You #

  • are a software developer and want to contribute directly to the development of Qt
  • want to write robust, modern C++, and are interested in software design and architecture
  • care for software development practices such as BDD, TDD, and delivery automation
  • lead people by example, coach them towards their own success, and identify training needs
  • support the team by setting focus and direction, and by keeping information flowing
  • enjoy recruiting both new and experienced talent to grow a team with diverse perspectives
  • understand the intersection of technology and business
  • are comfortable working with publicly available code and material
  • know your way around in Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS

# Perhaps you #

  • know a bit of Qt and QML?
  • have experience from working with other UI frameworks, such as Flutter or SwiftUI?
  • know JavaScript, Java or Objective-C?
  • have graphics and OpenGL development experience?
  • are well versed in embedded development?
  • have experience with open source communities and development?
  • have an idea what JTAG or Yocto is?

# We offer you #

  • family friendly, diverse, sociable workplace where learning is valued
  • flexible hours, that focus on work/life balance
  • a nice office space (no open landscape, games room)
  • support with relocation, if necessary
  • great colleagues from many parts of the world

If possible, send us some code that you've written and that shows your way of solving software engineer problems! Great if you have something you want to share on a public GitHub or similar, or you can write something new. We don't expect you do have a full portfolio available that shows every aspect of your career, but one or two pieces of code you feel are representative.

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